| by Danielle Vincent

Why we need your help in leading this Outlaw gang (and we're givin' out a hefty bounty to boot)!

I often say that we have a very democratic soap company. We take so much guidance on product quality, values, and development from our customers (like YOU!).

And Lord knows, I appreciate it.

In so many circumstances, it's our customers who help us make right decisions about products, figure out our priorities, steer us away from duds, and generally drive the product direction of our company.

That's why from time to time, we bring in a customer survey. This is the first one in a few years, so if you're new to our survey process, welcome to the planning session!

Over the year, we collect and document product requests from customers. Once every year, we sit down as a team and review the requests and try to prioritize which get made and which get cut.

This year, I'm heading to a trade show where we might connect with folks who can help us with manufacturing (for example, they can take our formula and make much bigger batches of lotion than we could make here in the workshop). We're also going to be talking with folks who make products that we don't make (yet), like shampoo and conditioner and shaving cream (all products customers have requested).

How I spend my time at this trade show is up to YOU.

In this new survey, I also ask questions about what you like and don't like about Outlaw products.

Because this is seriously business-changing stuff, I'm offering a hefty bounty: 20% off your purchase using the code at the end of the survey, and a chance for $100 in OutlawSoaps.com store credit.

Fill out the survey today and start us on our bold, new future!

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