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Whatever your feelin' and flavor, we've got the goods to satisfy ya: Everything from campfire-inspired Fire in the Hole to the fresh, Summer scent of Home on the Range.

No matter what you get, you're not gambling with your fortunes... Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Running with these Outlaws is 100% risk-free.

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Solid Cologne Sample Pack

Try the best solid cologne in the West!

From $ 15.00

Fire in the Hole Handmade Bar Soap

Explosively Awesome: Campfire | Gunpowder | Sagebrush | Whiskey | Excitement!

$ 7.00

Blazing Saddles Handmade Soap

The Sexiest Scent Ever: Warm Leather | Gunpowder | Sagebrush | Sandalwood

$ 7.00

Milled Soap Sample Set: 7-Pack of our Most popular Scents

Try all the scents in all their amazing variety!

$ 16.00

Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne

The Sexiest Scent Ever: Warm Leather | Gunpowder | Sagebrush | Sandalwood

$ 24.00

The Triple-threat Milled Bar Soap 3-pack

Try All Three Milled Soaps

$ 12.00

The Outlaw Soap of the Month

Your Favorite Soaps Delivered on the Regular

From $ 7.00

Blazing Saddles Body Wash

The Sexiest Scent Ever: Leather | Gunpowder | Sagebrush | Sandalwood

$ 14.00

Calamity Jane Lotion

Smell like a Legend: Clove | Orange | Cinnamon | Whiskey

On Sale $ 18.00 Regular price $ 22.00

Mountain Hideout Handmade Bar Soap

In the Mountains, You're Free: Pine | Damp Earth | Campfire

$ 7.00

Hair of the Dog Whiskey Handmade Bar Soap

Wash Yourself Awake: Whiskey | Tobacco | Coffee

$ 7.00


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