The Cursed Cowboy: Clove & Campfire

The Cursed Cowboy brings the scent of campfire and clove to your favorite moments.

Coming in 2021: By popular demand, we're going to be introducing more Cursed Cowboy products!

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The Cursed Cowboy Handmade Bar Soap

Warm & Wild | Clove and Campfire Handmade Soap

$ 10.00

The Slick and Simple Soap Subscription Service

Your Favorite Soaps Delivered on the Regular

From $ 7.00

The Cursed Cowboy Solid Cologne

Wild & Spicy | Campfire and Clove Pocket-Sized Solid cologne

$ 24.00

The Cursed Cowboy Candle - 8 oz

Warm your Interiors | Campfire and Clove Candle

$ 18.00

The Cursed Cowboy Milled Soap

Clove and Campfire Soap | Warm Your Morning

$ 5.00

The Cursed Cowboy Lotion

Warm and Wild | Campfire and Clove Lotion

$ 15.00

The Cursed Cowboy Body Wash

Warm and Wild | Campfire and Clove Body Wash

$ 14.00


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