Well hello, stranger!

Hooray! You may have landed here because you're looking handmade, natural soap in really wonderful scents... and yeah, that's what we do.

We noticed a lot of people were coming to our site looking for "Dr Squatch for women," so I thought I'd talk about our life-changing scents and wonderfully natural soaps for all.

Handmade soap, cologne, lotion, body wash, and more Handmade soap, cologne, lotion, body wash, and more
We're a team &

We're the original Outlaws

Founded on Equality

While other companies might try to convince you their soap is "made for women, too," when they've clearly made for men (it even says so on the label), we've made our natural soap (and body wash, lotion, and cologne) for men and women right from the get-go.

In this photo, you see Exhibit A: Russ and Danielle, co-founders of Outlaw (this is Danielle, writing this).

You might notice that not only am I a woman, Russ and I are equals.

We're best friends, business partners, and we love kickin' around and getting into (and out of) trouble... and we have the same hobbies, which usually involve the outdoors, whiskey, leather, and all the spice that life has to offer.

When we started this company, we didn't think in terms of "men's scents" or "women's scents."

We wanted to create scents inspired by real life (it's what we're all about), and real life doesn't pick sides... so neither do we.

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We're not just any ol soap company

We have big values

We believe!

We believe there's a better way to build a business.

We may be Outlaws, but we are dedicated to some hardcore values. We believe that outstanding products are only as good as the foundation they're built on.

Here's what we're about:

🇺🇸  Crafted in the USA
🌱  Natural ingredients (approved by Whole Foods)
🚙  Quick delivery (3 - 5 days for US orders)
🐇  Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free
♻️  Sustainable ingredients and packaging
👫  Happy employees & good employment practices
🤠  Great customer service & a satisfaction guarantee

What else?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL.

Read about our commitment to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  • Blazing Saddles: The Sexiest Scent Ever LEATHER | GUNPOWDER | SANDALWOOD | SAGEBRUSH
  • Calamity Jane: Spicy & Sweet CLOVE | ORANGE | CINNAMON | WHISKEY
  • Cursed Cowboy: Smolder Bolder CLOVE | CAMPFIRE | MISDEEDS
  • Fire in the Hole: Explosively Awesome CAMPFIRE | GUNPOWDER | SAGEBRUSH | EXCITEMENT
  • Life on the Mountain: A Walk in the Cascades PINE | EARTH | RAIN | WOODS
  • Lust in the Dust: Desert Romance SAGEBRUSH | SANDALWOOD | CAMPFIRE
  • Rugged Rider: Take a Walk on the Wild Side LEATHER | SANDALWOOD | MUSK
  • The Badlands: A Pocket of Shadows CEDARWOOD | CAMPFIRE | TWILIGHT
  • The Gambler: The Luckiest Scent Around BOURBON | TOBACCO | LEATHER
Dr Squatch for ladies? Dr Squatch for ladies?
Nothing short of true love

We promise you'll love it

It's hard to buy scent online

I know buying scent online feels like a risk, but it really isn't. Because we're so committed to your happiness, we have a solid satisfaction guarantee.

Scent's a personal thing and one person's shot of whiskey is another person's not-my-cup-of-tea.

If you don't love the scent you ordered, we'll replace it free of cost, or give you a refund (your choice).

Or you can look for Outlaw at a store near you, using our store locator.

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And you want to watch me and Russ being dorky in the desert, I made a little video. Please pardon the lack of editing skills.