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Coming soon: An Outlaw loyalty program

If there's one thing we've learned by hangin' around with the rabble rousers we affectionately call our gang (I'm lookin' at you, amigo), it's that you can't get enough of the incredibly unique scents of Outlaw.

It's a good thing we make such high quality stuff, are such a cool company, and also are so incredibly humble, or we'd all be in a pickle.

And over the years, we've learned that the same folks come back year after year. Once you find your Outlaw scent, you stick with it.

We want to reward your loyalty with an expression of our loyalty to you.

That's why, in just a couple weeks, we'll be launching a loyalty program called Outlaw Gold. It'll reward frequent purchases, provide access to free (exclusive) products (for special tiers), and give incentives for referring folks to Outlaw.

If you want to get in on the action immediately, you may want to create an account. We'll be adding your historical purchases to your loyalty points, so every purchase you made under your account will count.

Thanks for being our awesome customer. It's really great to have you in the gang.

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