Ask for Outlaws!

Outlaw Soaps in Whole FoodsImagine being able to pick up your favorite Outlaw products when you went to the grocery store.

Imagine knowing you helped a small business get a little ground in this crazy, crazy world.

Imagine your fellow unwashed shoppers discovering Outlaw and becoming fans themselves (so they'd stop smelling so dirty dog disgusting).

All this can come true if you ask for Outlaw Soaps at your local store!

Be it a grocery store, a bodega, a gift shop, or even a hotel lobby, Outlaw Soaps wants to be wherever you are. Like a constant friend, following you around... except less creepy. Unless you're into that. In which case, look out your window! Hiii!

(Just kidding, we're probably not out there.)

Here's how to ask:

  1. Go into your favorite store.
  2. Tell them you'd like to see Outlaw Soaps there so you can buy it locally.
  3. Offer to write it down if they don't start writing something down.

Seriously, that's it. Stockists (that's the industry name for "buyer" - ooh! insiderey!) are smart cookies and can Google Outlaw Soaps. From there, we have a page for wholesale stockists, where they can request information about carrying Outlaw Soaps in their own store.

Email us at so we can follow up. 

Thanks so much for asking for Outlaw and supporting our small business!