Dag Nabbit: The stock monster bites again

"When will you have Blazing Saddles Soap back in stock?" someone asked on Facebook today.

Last month, it was Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap. This month, it's Blazing Saddles and Mountain Hideout.

As you may recall from my article about our handmade soap ingredients and process (because I know you avidly read every single word of this website!), handmade soap takes a month to cure (some folks cure it for more than a month, but that would put us at risk of a customer riot).

We had a little article go mega-viral talking about our little company and how dedicated we are to sundries that smell like campfire, gunpowder, whiskey, and sagebrush, and that cleared us out of darn near everything, and then we went to a trade show in Atlanta, and DING DING DING - KNOCK OUT.

Russ and Rob have been making more soap just as fast as they can, so keep calm and sign up for stock notifications, because when they're on the site, you better believe they sell fast.

If you took our 2019 customer survey (which I hope you will, if you haven't already), you'll know we asked about how you'd feel about a mass-produced soap, and the response was very positive.

We know you still want the high quality of our incredible handmade soap, but we also know you can't stand to live without your favorite scents! So stay tuned - we're working on ALL these issues and more...

Thank you for being on this wild riding bronco with us!

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