Outlaw cologne - Cowboy cologne

In yesterday's post, I wrote about the origins of our solid cologne, which was an evolution from our lotion stick. It just goes to show: a small business's path, just like a person's path through life, is almost never direct.

And that's how everything in Outlaw's journey has been (even our body wash)... which is fine, because the "straight and narrow path" is never the Outlaw way.

By this time, you might be wondering why we're talking about cologne for more than just one post. When we're doing serial blog posts, you can pretty much count on the fact that we're leading up to something. In this case, we're leading up to something BIG that is also something VERY SMALL. (how's that for vague?)

Solid cologne was a great exploration. First, it was easy to make - we already had a friend making lotion sticks (which later became the Rattlesnake Dick Balm), so making a shift to a more concentrated solid cologne was no big deal. Second, it was TSA-friendly and very portable, which is important to our road warrior Outlaws. Third, it matched the Outlaw scents that people came to know and love (which we affectionately call "the scent soundtrack").

And it was POPULAR. So it meet our criteria for "has to seriously improve the direction of our business."

But lots of Outlaws wanted something stronger and longer lasting. Solid cologne works for some people, but not for everyone. People started asking if we'd make spray cologne in our signature scents... so we gave it a try, and again, 🥂it actually worked: People loved the spray cologne, too!

And that brings us to today. It's just a day before the last day to buy Mountain Hideout Cologne (which is tomorrow, Friday, July 23, if you haven't watching the countdown), and two days before we make our next big product announcement.

Thank you for always showing us the way in this business. It's a joy to have such amazing friends and customers. We'll continue to build this business for outlaws, by outlaws.

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