The journey to Outlaw Cologne: In the beginning, there was the stick-up

In July of 2017, a customer wrote us asking for a particular product: Solid cologne.

Travis had been using our hand balm for several months, and he loved the scents of Outlaw so much that he implored us to consider solid cologne. I hadn't heard of solid cologne, so asked some questions about it, and decided to see if my friend who made our lotion hand balm would do a more concentrated version. She gave it a try, we sent it to Travis, he sent back the thumbs up, and we went into full-on production.

From there, it went on to be one of our most important products, not just because sales took off (turns out, there's not a lot of cologne that smells like leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush), but because it expanded what we knew we, as a company, were capable of.

Before that shift, we didn't know much about cologne.

Russ and I aren't big "cologne" people. The immediate association I have with most cologne is horror: "that guy with all the cologne." And we didn't want to be the people who created a "that guy with all the cologne" epidemic (this falls under the "with great power comes great responsibility" category).

But solid cologne, well, that was different. And there really isn't anything out there like our scents, so it fell squarely into our rule of production: If we can't be the best at making it, we won't make it at all.

No half-assing outlaws. We are 100% full-ass, 100% of the time.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about what we found was so special about our solid cologne, which truly set us apart from all the other solid cologne companies out there.

If you haven't tried Outlaw solid cologne, do yourself a favor and pick up a tin:

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