Is cologne only for guys?

HECK NO. Lemme put this to bed right now: We made Outlaw cologne so we could smell like the things we love most in the world.

When I say "we," I mean me (Danielle) and Russ (my amazing husband), and when I say "the things we love most in the world," I mean campfire, sagebrush after rain, leather, fresh cut grass, and whiskey.

They're not traditional colognes -- they smell like real life, which we find SIGNIFICANTLY more awesome than some vague mix of odors reminiscent of a high school locker room.

And since the company was co-founded by a couple of non-traditional rule-breakers (see "Outlaw") of the male and female variety, we were committed to making scents we both enjoyed... and over the years, we've heard how much people (of all shapes, sizes, ages, and genders) love Outlaw.

It feels good.

So in a world where people are telling you what "real men" and "real women" smell like, feel free to be yourself.

You're real, and you don't need someone telling you what that smells like. Smell like what you love.

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Leslie King

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