Badlands Handmade Soap Subscription Box

This month's Soaps of the Month are soaps you've been asking about for a LONG TIME:

🔥 The Badlands Cedar and Campfire Handmade Soap
🌲 Life on the Mountain Handmade Soap, Fall Scent, Prototype 1

Badlands Handmade Soap Label

The Badlands, of course, is inspired by our long-time popular cologne of the same name. It's kind of a sweet cedar scent combined with campfire, for a delightfully smoky scent reminiscent of quiet nights on the trail.

The soap team has really done some amazing work designing The Badlands soap in particular. It really looks amazingly like the red rocks and blue skies of The Badlands!

Life on the Mountain is our exploration into how scent changes through the seasons. We started with Fall (since these things take a long time to develop) and made our best first attempt at what Fall in the Cascade Mountain Range would smell like.

These scents are ONLY available in our subscriptions, so if you've signed up for Soap of the Month or built your own subscription with a variety of soaps, you'll be getting these fine soaps in the mail with your regular subscription (as long as it's set to process in March).

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Why are these soaps ONLY available through subscription?

Making handmade soap is an arduous process which takes 30+ days, not including product development. Because these are limited bars, we only make as much as we're confident we can sell.

In this case, we did estimates based on how many subscriptions we currently have, and how many subscriptions we could sell this month.

As a business, subscriptions are important to us! They help us know how many people to hire, how many supplies to buy, and how much revenue we can expect (roughly) from month to month. So we try to make subscriptions extra super special awesome... including limited edition exclusives like these!

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