Danielle and Russ Vincent from Outlaw Soaps

One person even told me that if we made soap with fat, it would go rancid.

That spun me out for several days. I was very new to soapmaking and I didn't want a bunch of people complaining about rancid soap.

But friends, that's literally how all soap is made. Soap is fat and caustic soda (lye). If you're interested, I wrote a post about it.

This person was just talking out of their posterior, presumably to show off their vast (albeit incorrect) knowledge of all things. Some people are just like that, right?

But still, it derailed my optimism.

Not only were we new to soapmaking (and subject to the hen-pecking of many nay-sayers... as opposed to neigh-sayers🐴, who are friends to Outlaws), about 70% of businesses fail.

And that's not from posterior-talkers... that's an actual true fact.

But 9 Years Later, The Outlaws Are Still Riding

Yeah, man! NINE YEARS! We started this business on March 15, 2013.

**Well, technically, we started making soap in January and we sold our official first bars of soap on March 15, once the soap cured. But I don't want to let historical accuracy get in the way of a good story, so let's continue...**

And without question, we're (the inclusive "we," which includes YOU) stronger than ever. We've forged genuine connections and facilitated bold adventures and life changes. Some people have even changed cities inspired by Outlaw soap!

We've celebrated births and we've mourned deaths. We've been through looming forest fires and power outages. And now we've even been through a pandemic together!

This morning, we received the following message on our Facebook page:

"New customer (ordered for my husband) he hasn't received it yet but JUST THE PACKAGING is the reason I am a customer for as long as your horses stay saddled 😂 the emails with short stories and pictures . it's like I have a relative that sends me letters. the box isn't even opened and I can smell what awaits him ❤️ btw...our year did not start out peachy cream. He's the only one working because I'm postpartum right now . and I wanted to lift his spirits. unexpectedly you guys are lifting mine. just thank you so much ....from a very sleepy mom and grateful wife" - Rakeita

I sent it to our team, and Shantel, our head of customer satisfaction, responded, "Omg! This just made my entire week! To know that our products and overall brand has this kind of impact on our customers brings me great joy! ♥️"

These are real connections. It might have been facilitated or initiated by marketing, but my intention was always to create a different kind of company focused on real connections with real people, making products for people who live lives of authenticity and integrity.

It's not impossible. We have daily proof.

Thank you so much, Rakeita! (and we're sending virtual gentle hugs your way)

If we had let the odds deter us, none of this would have happened.

Instead, we have put 9 years of total effort into this business.

Because creating this kind of a company is a worthy endeavor, and our Outlaws are worth it. YOU're worth it.

Thanks for being an Outlaw.

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