What's different about Outlaw?

Let's look at some Outlaw soap reviews

People sometimes leave comments on our social media posts asking what the difference between Outlaw handmade soap and, say, some other soap companies they may have heard about (*cough* Dr. Squatch *cough*).

I'm not the kind of Outlaw to smear other gangs. If you're looking for that kind of foolishness, look elsewhere.

Since you're asking, though (in a kind of theoretical, FAQ-ey way), I thought I'd provide some more information about what makes Outlaw soaps different than any other soap around.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Boosted Self Esteem and gave me a reason to shower more
I had been looking for a scent to use that was like gunpowder, either a cologne or a soap, and I actually saw this as an ad, but checked it out and this company is really cool. Everything feels so personal in a good way, and the soap has left me smelling myself, which is rare for most of the soaps I've used Ever. Definitely my new regular soap!" - Logan D, posted 2/21/22

Logan hits the nail on the head:

The scent is Outlaw.

We invented these unique scents because they smell like things that we love. They remind us of good times with friends.

And because our scents remind us all of good times with friends, we're all likely to hang out doing the same kinds of things... whether that's riding horses or hanging out by the campfire; laying in the fresh cut grass or stepping out into the high desert air; having a quiet night in the glow of a campfire or enjoying the aroma of a good bourbon... these are the things Outlaws love!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The Soap Stands Alone
I put a bar of this on my sink, the wife smelled it, said 'uh - No', and tossed it in the trash. I immediately opened the drawer, pulled out another bar, and said, 'I can do this all day'. She's coming around now..." - Marc O, posted 2/25/22

Marc brings up something really important:

Outlaw soap isn't for everyone

Outlaw scents aren't for everyone.

I mean, first off, our general scent profile isn't everyone's cup of tea.

But we have a sayin' 'round Outlaw:

"I'd rather be one person's shot of whiskey than everyone's cup of tea."

When an Outlaw finds our products, and gets the perfect scent for them, it's A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE. If this was a cartoon, their nostrils would be replaced by hearts (kind of like how eyes are replaced by hearts when a cartoon character sees someone they love... is this too far of a stretch? hope not).

We have a scent quiz so you can help find your perfect scent. We're really emphatic about doing everything we can to help you find the right scent!

We want you to have the magical-heart-nose experience!

But, like I said, we aren't going to please everyone:

⭐️ "I'll keep looking.
Not enough orange and clove for my taste. Cinnamon and whiskey overpowering." - Jeffrey G, reviewing Calamity Jane Handmade Soap

⭐️ "Meh...
I'm sure it's a fine product but to be honest, I didn't care for the scent"- Nickolas M, reviewing Gambler Bourbon Natural Lotion

It's so hard to buy scented products online. I get it. You have high hopes, and if the thing arrives and it's not what you expected, it's disappointing.


You might be interested to know that both Jeffrey and Nickolas got full refunds for their orders. No restocking fee, no return shipping, no nonsense. They might not have even asked for a refund... it's our policy to aggressively pursue customer happiness to the most ridiculous degree.

Which brings me to...

Outlaw Customer Service

Have you ever ordered stuff online and then tried to return it, only to find that you've got to email the company about 15 times, get an RMA number, print out a return label, find a suitable box, do the hokey pokey, turn yourself around...

Is that REALLY what it's all about?

Well, that's not what the Outlaws are all about:

"Just got my first order in and I'm very impressed with everything! The quality of the products, the smell of the products, and the costumer service all outstanding! Had a little mix up & received a lotion instead of a body wash (kind glad I did because I loved the lotion and will order more). One quick email and the mix up was corrected no issues. I even offered to pay for the lotion seeing I already opened it. I was told not to worry about it, very nice of them. I'm Already planning my 2nd order I'm really interested in the spray cologne they offer!" - David, on Facebook

We're so groundbreaking in our approach to customer satisfaction that I've even been quoted in The State of Customer Service 2022.

You know what is so "groundbreaking" about our customer satisfaction?


If you get something, you're not going to want to embark on a "Fellowship of the Rings"-style quest to get it back to us.
You're not going to want to seek out some other customer service account to resolve the issue.
You're not going to want to have to find a printer and label paper (it's just too much to ask!).

This kind of thing punishes you for trying new things, which is IN VIOLATION OF OUR OUTLAW CODE. 🤖 We just can't stand for it.

We want you to try new things. We want you to try them so much, in fact, that we offer to replace items you don't like. Free. Because we're drug dealers peddling highly addictive substances, and we know that once you have the heart-nose-experience, you're an Outlaw for LIFE.

So go ahead, make your day.

Try Outlaw and find out why people say "THIS SOAP HAS CHANGED MY LIFE": https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/best-sellers


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