Your Scents of the Month


If you pick two bars of the variety handmade soaps, we may include one (or more) of the soaps that Outlaws just like YOU voted on in our monthly poll.

June's Soap of the Month Scents:

Heck's Angels: Soap that smells like leather & gasoline

For those of you who wished for Outlaw's Garage in a non-pumice soap, this is probably right up your alley!

This bold and beautiful scent smells like gasoline and leather - the scent of a good day riding and enjoying the freedom of the road.

Sound + Vision: Soap that smells like fresh mowed grass & dirt

I started mixing the scents you voted on into a scent, but stopped... because why mess with perfection? And indeed, this scent is perfection. It's an early Summer morning, before it's too hot, when the temperature's just perfect for mowing the grass and appreciating the crisp, early air.

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