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"We have a strategic plan, it's called DOING THINGS." - Herb Kelleher

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We're getting ourWe have a strategic plan it's called doing things herb kelleher March 1 subscription box ready to ship, and this month, we have commissioned artist Miriam Dema to make these fantastic screen printed cards.

I first bought the poster version of this card at an LA Brewery Art Walk about five years ago, and even though I gave the poster to my dad, the saying has stuck with me.

What does it mean? Some people might think it means taking a "ready, fire, aim" approach to business, but I don't think that's true.

To me, it means that doing something is a better strategy than not doing anything.

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Even though having a strategy is important, it's less important than getting things done. Even if sometimes those aren't the right things, or the most perfectly executed things, or the things that you're going to keep around forever, the important thing is that you're doing things.

Here at Outlaw Soaps, we sprang out of the starting gate with subscription boxes, even though we hadn't really fully figured out a long-term strategy for them. I personally love making care packages, so the idea of making a subsidized care package I could send out every other month was delightful.

It became apparent early on, though, that the early boxes didn't really have enough focus. Not only that, how much soap could people really use in two months? Sending $20 worth of soap every other month was just a lot of soap, so we started including other things besides soap.

One of our core values is promoting the work of other makers, and we have taken the opportunity of our subscription boxes to include products that we buy from other makers.* This month, we have included Miriam Dema and Sparklefly Candles (more on them later). Last time, we included Songcroft Naturals. Before that, we included Big White Yeti.

We also include some reading material that many have said is a reason alone to subscribe to the box. We feature one well-known historical figure from the West, and include some little-known facts about them.

Did you know Buffalo Bill Cody (of Buffalo Bill's Wild West) was in favor of equal pay for men, women, and Native Americans? That his father was stabbed for speaking out against slavery in rural Kansas? If you subscribed to the Soap of the Month club, you would have those facts and more!

When you subscribe to The Clean Getaway Club Subscription Box, you support makers, you learn about history, and most importantly, you get really cool stuff. For $20 every other month, that's a pretty good deal. Subscribe today!

* side note: many subscription boxes get free samples from well-intentioned makers who want exposure, but we feel like the best compensation is actual money, so we buy everything you get in the boxes.

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