I promised I'd post other photos of the build-out of our new place, so here's the build-out of our fulfillment room!

My dream was to be able to just fill an order quickly. I know, I know, it's at once both a very small dream and a very impossible one.

In our previous workshop, we didn't hardly ever have stock on hand. If we had product made, it wasn't wrapped. If we didn't have product made, we had product backordered, which meant we had a stack of unfilled orders. Things have been very chaotic over the past two years, and I just wanted everything easily accessible. I didn't want to have to set aside two hours every day to do orders, I wanted to be able to go fill orders as they came in. But without available stock, every order was a chore to assemble... I had to warm up the heat wand, get the product cleaned up, wrap the stuff, etc etc etc... endless!

Here's a photo of that in a very rare and very clean state:

We started with a room in the new house that had built-in shelves:

(that's little tired Roxy getting some shut-eye)

I was excited to start loading up the shelves. I got some parts boxes from Uline to help organize the stock by SKU.

We put some carpet in over the regular carpet, since we're renting and didn't want the regular carpet to get all schmoo-ey. Roxy is enjoying the rug, because it was from our old place and smells like home.

Russ made a table!

And here it is! Stocked up and ready to go!

Soon, we'll be pre-packaging our best selling sets and putting them up there on the second shelf from the top (where you see the one prototype box next to the plastic animals).

It's really exciting to be able to actually fill orders as they come in. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient as we evolve and grow. It has not been without incident, and y'all have been very gracious in your tolerance of our mistakes.


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