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You request, we STOP, COLLABORATE, and LISTEN...

(But not necessarily in that order)

When you write in asking for products, we don't just nod and smile, we actually keep a really rigorous tally of your requests:

Product Requests for Outlaw Soaps in 2019

Today, for Casual Friday (on our Facebook page), I'll be talking about what happens when people make product requests, and generally discuss the requests we received last year.

Did you know that our Air Fresheners were a customer request?

Did you know that our Solid Cologne was a customer request?

Did you know that our Spray Cologne was a customer request?

Did you know that our Body Wash was a customer request?

In fact, pretty much every one of our products except our soap was a customer request. That's why we listen to you: YOU'RE FRICKEN' BRILLIANT, and if we didn't listen, we'd be darn fools.

We are not darn fools, so we hope you'll join us at High Noon on Facebook Live for Casual Friday.


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