Danielle and Russ Vincent of Outlaw

I was kicking so much butt at doing 90 blog posts in 90 days, but then I got to Denver, got a flu, got done with the trade show, got home, and got busy... with other stuff.

It's no secret that small business is a big job -- we're in the process of getting set up in Sparks (can you believe our Fulfillment team still doesn't have tables? What's up with that?) -- and Outlaw is in an awkward developmental phase that can only be described as "tweeny."

Yes, we're not quite kids, but we're not quite teens either.

We're learning so much these days, and we really appreciate you bearing with us as we experience the growing pains of a business growing about 5x faster than we're used to.

Thanks, as always, for riding this wild bronco with us.



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