| by Danielle Vincent

What would you like to say to our team?

As you may know by now, we are relocating Outlaw from the mountain town of Grass Valley, California to the valley town of Sparks, Nevada.

Our new workshop is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and has many open walls that we are looking forward to decorating.

This may seem like a hokey idea, but bear with me... We make a lot of this stuff from scratch. We handwrite the notes. We carefully wrap everything (and sometimes sneak in microchickens). We stand behind our products with the best customer satisfaction team in the world...

It's often challenging work, but we love to do it because we know you will ultimately get your products and be delighted.

And that's what we're going for here: You being delighted. We settle for nothing less.

Because our connection with our gang (that's you!) is so important, we're going to put posters of your notes up on our walls, in our entry room, and around our offices. When we come in to work, I want to have a daily reminder of the nice things you think about us.

So I'm fishing for compliments, yeah. But it's for the greater good! It's for the team!

In the comments, would you leave a few words about what you like about Outlaw for our badass team?

It could be anything from the quality of the products, to the scents, to the handwritten note, to the sustainable packaging... whatever it is that you especially love about Outlaw, I want to make sure that our new workplace is surrounded by reminders of the things we do that make your life more special.

Thank you, as always, for being our friends and partners in this little rodeo. It is so awesome to build this incredible little business that could.


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