Bo's Air Fresheners

Cover a Multitude of Sins!

Bo's Air Fresheners Other Stuff Cover a Multitude of Sins!
Bo's Air Fresheners Other Stuff Cover a Multitude of Sins!
Bo's Air Fresheners Other Stuff Cover a Multitude of Sins!
Bo's Air Fresheners Other Stuff Cover a Multitude of Sins!

Bo's Air Fresheners

Cover a Multitude of Sins!

$ 5.00

If you don't love this, you can return it for a full refund, no questions or hassle. Most orders ship within 24 hours and arrive in a couple days.

  • Does your horse-powered covered-wagon smell like it's been rode hard and put up wet?
  • Does your gym locker smell like a footlocker?
  • Does your outhouse smell like… an outhouse?

Try Bo's Air Fresheners. They cover a multitude of sins.

Get your own air fresheners in our most popular scents, Blazing Saddles, The Gambler, Fire in the Hole, and now, Calamity Jane!

We had so many people ask for these over the years, but a few have stood out. Bo’s Air Fresheners are named after one of our very favorite customers, Bo.

He’d asked for air fresheners for his truck, so he could take us with him wherever he went, and we wanted to deliver!

It was such a good idea we made a special run of them for our Clean Getaway Subscription Box.
And we sent one to the inspiration for the idea, Bo. Well, folks, when he got his in the mail he sent us this mighty fine review!

“So...I received a package in the mail yesterday. I placed the air freshener in my truck, and now today mixed with the present leather upholstery in it, it smells like Clint Eastwood stole my truck, went to a dirty, swanky bar, played poker in the back room, fought, and wrestled the regulars over a bad hand, got into a gunfight, won of course, and left his dust-covered cowboy boots on the floorboard.” - Bo

We loved it so much we were inspired to make air fresheners for everyone to enjoy.

And that’s how Bo’s Air Fresheners came to be.

We love our customers, and y’all are so integral to us and our business. We wouldn’t be here without ya!

Get 'em for $5 apiece! If you don't know which one you want, we want you to try them all so we're offering all three for $10!!!


ABOUT OUR PRODUCT Made in the USA in small craft batches

All our products are made in small batches, by hand, right here in the USA.

All our scents are skin-safe and long-lasting. Because we feel like scent is a personal thing to be shared between you and those literally closest to you, these are subtle scents. They will not overpower a crowded elevator or make you "that guy with all the cologne." They're designed to create an ambiance, not an impact.

OUR OUTLAW PROMISE We’re committed to good product practices

We have serious commitments to our values:

• Our products are cruelty free and are never tested on animals (heck, we don’t even bathe our dogs)
• We focus on sustainable business practices and our products are made in a low-waste facility (we use one of those little garbage cans every week, no more).
• We source our materials from ethical companies who do not promote the destruction of the environment. Our fragrances are all made in the USA and are regulated by the FDA.
• We regularly contribute to charitable causes that are close to our hearts (the SPCA, the Sierra Club, the Pacific Crest Trail Association, the ACLU, and many more).
• Our employees make living wages above the minimum wages in our area, work a flexible schedule, and love their jobs.


We are Outlaw Soaps. We’re a tiny little company in Gold Country, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We live fast and take chances, but keep our rubber sides down.

Russ and Danielle Vincent started Outlaw because we wanted to smell like our favorite things all the time, not just on the weekends. So we started making soaps that smelled like campfire, whiskey, leather, sagebrush, the mountains… anything that struck our imagination. And over time, we perfected those scents and brought them here to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Smells great.

I love them...I will buy them again, as long as you guys make them. :)

Love ur products

Wish ya'll did candles

Just the ticket

Love the scent, not piney, or flowery, or powdery. And it isn't overpowering.

Love The Scent

I liked the soap and I like the air freshener. It's like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on a good day. After a successful robbery and a hard ride you want everything to smell its best.

Like the scent that slips between the swinging doors of a saloon.

It was another murderous day in the July sun, our foreheads glistened with sweat as our tired hands dutifully reached to wipe the rolling and tumbling drops before they could reach our eyes. Would the day ever break? ... In the distance a shadow could be seen making its way toward us at an alarming rate. 'Well', we thought, 'at least we may just get a moments rest from the furious heat.' The shadow slowed and a man dismounted, strolling toward us in able and confident fashion. We paused. The smells of bourbon, tobacco and leather wafted into our parched and dry noses. Mouths watering we turned to face him, he only smiled and placed into our slippery palms the essence of The Gambler. Never were we to be offensive smelling outlaws, again.

Fabulous Freshener

My Hubby put it in his truck, the smell is pleasing, and we both really like it. We will be buying more soon!

This stuff rocks!

Came across this brand on a random facebook ad, and decided to buy a soap bar as a stocking stuffer for my husband, and he loved it! From the packaging and the writing on the back, which my husband got a kick out of, to the smell, (I ordered him Blazing Saddles which is amazing, like leather and manly man!) these products dont disappoint. My son wanted one too, so we ened up ordering him The Gambler, another hit, as well as the car scent in Blazing Saddles. We have recommended these products to our friends; We love this stuff!