Outlaw bourbon solid cologne for men and women

Outlaw solid colognes deliver the right amount of scent when you want it, but won't overpower or outlast their appropriateness. This makes them the perfect sidekick for your regular life!

And if you're going on a trip, you'll be happy to know that Outlaw solid cologne is the perfect choice to bring with you on your in-flight adventures as well!

Because it's solid (made from a proprietary natural cocoa butter and beeswax blend unique to Outlaw), you don't have to worry about any trouble with the TSA. Because it's in a metal tin, you don't have to worry about catastrophic bottle breakage in transit (yes, it has happened, and yes, it is tragic - albeit great-smelling).

And this past weekend, I accidentally left my Badlands Campfire and Cedar Solid Cologne in my truck. We're in Reno, so it was north of 90 degrees (and the temperature in my car was easily 120), but my solid cologne was unperturbed.

If you'd like to see the little video I made when I discovered my mistake, it's on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@liveoutlaw/video/7121161670373838126

Outlaw solid cologne is the perfect travel companion:

  1. No unnecessary chatter
  2. Never has a strange odor, even after many days without showering
  3. Doesn't break or melt under pressure
  4. Never steers you wrong
  5. Always treats ya right

If you'd like to give our solid colognes a try, we have a special solid cologne sample set to get you started: https://liveoutlaw.com/products/solid-cologne-sample-pack

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Julie Besancon

I love your products and your approach to business. Mostly your bio Danielle! Made me laugh out loud and also realize how true that is for all of us.
The solid colognes are such a great idea and alternative to other fragrances . Easy to travel with and I bet they can deliver more of a variety and infusion of scents. Can’t wait to try more.