Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat Mug

Meet the mug that matches your mantra

This mug says you came here for two things: to drink coffee and kick ass, and you're just about out of coffee.

It's a powerful mug. Imagine how you'll feel with this on your desk at work.

This mug says, "I know how capable I am, so you better stand back while I kick ass and, excuse me, what is your name? Because I am taking names."

Not only is this mug inspirational, it's opaque. "What does that have to do with anything?" you might be asking yourself (or me). Well, let me tell you:

The opacity of this mug means no one knows whether you're drinking coffee, whiskey, wine, or absinthe. Hey, I'm not gonna judge you for what you put in your cup... and no one else is either.

For just $12, you can get this bold affirmation of your agenda.

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Get your mug shot right here.

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George Arnott

I need this !

Nancy Rubin

Danielle…..just wondering why I was charged 16.00 for cup…when it’s advertised for 12.00

Bill Ahlf

What are my payment options, thank you very much

Jan Stewart-Miller

Love your items!