Outlaw Natural Deodorant for Men and Women

This is like one of those rom-com "will they? won't they?" off again / on again stories like When Harry Met Sally, and I sincerely hope we're at the part where (spoiler alert on a 25-year-old movie) Harry and Sally are sitting on a couch talking about how they met and how long they've been together.

Perhaps this analogy is too old for y'all whippersnappers out there.

But anyways, those who know, know what I'm talking about, and those who don't know probably are too young to remember when we had deodorant in stock regularly before, so ... 🤷🏻‍♀️ I trust you get the gist:

We had deodorant.
We didn't have it.
We thought we were going to have it.
That attempt failed.
We thought we were going to have it again.
That attempt also failed.
We thought we finally figured it out.
The test batch was successful.
The first set sold out in days.
We got the second batch in.

And I'm writing this blog post.

If you have considered picking up Outlaw natural deodorant, the time could not be more fine!

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Carwile Dorothy

So…I work on a horse farm real scented! Gifts for cooworkers? Lotions shampoo- soap combos?