Outlaw handmade soap of the month subscription box

We've often said that a soap subscription box is the perfect gift, but perhaps you're still skeptical. After all, I'm the co-founder of a soap company. Perhaps my perspective could be a bit... biased.

But let's look at the facts:

  1. What is the goal of a gift?
    The goal of a gift is to show the receiver that you're thinking of them. And if you give them something that arrives every month, they'll be reminded that you're thinking of them every month. How can you beat that? You can't.
  2. What are the drawbacks of a gift?
    Everyone has that heavy-ass pewter elephant that their second aunt got them after a trip to somewhere with elephants. That does indeed show the giftee that the gifter is thinking of them, but it has a serious drawback: Unless you've got a door that needs stopping, it's just clutter.
    Unlike the pewter elephant, a soap subscription box will never be clutter. This is a very useful gift indeed... Everyone needs soap, and the soap of the month subscription box meets that need.
  3. What makes the perfect gift?
    Well, you can probably see where this is going... the perfect gift is consistent and useful, but it also doesn't sit around gathering dust. That means, the perfect gift is cosumable. That's one reason why chocolate's such a popular Valentine's Day gift. Because the gift you give should bring consistent delight... just like Outlaw's soap subscription box does.

And now for the reasonably legitimate reason... PERSONAL GAIN

(Hey, we're Outlaws after all!)

When you give the gift of an Outlaw soap subscription box, you'll not only have a good-smellin' partner in crime, you'll also use the soap yourself (because as we've already discussed, Outlaw handmade soaps are perfect for everyone).

What other good reasons are there to give the gift of Outlaw? What have I missed?

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