Is Outlaw manly soap only for men? Heck no

We've been asked about the gender specificity of our scents by many people...
Are Outlaw soaps for men?
Do we make women's scents?
Why are Outlaw soaps only for men?
(this one drives me absolutely crazy, as a woman and the co-founder of this company, since I invented a lot of these scents... Is Fire in the Hole a manly scent? I don't think so... that was my invention.)

We do have what we call "bolder" scents like our leather-inspired Blazing Saddles and campfire-inspired Fire in the Hole, and more "traditional" scents like the clove-orange-cinnamon scent of Calamity Jane and our happiness-inspired Home on the Range. But are these for one gender or another? We believe that's a matter of personal preference, not for us to define.

Some people have asked us if this is a marketing thing. They've wondered if we're trying to be all things to all people. Nope and no again. It's actually easier to market manly soap (Old Spice, Dr Squatch, Irish Spring) than it is to intentionally leave these ambiguous.

And some people wonder if this is some sort of act of extreme political correctness. It is not that either.

We're just comfortable living in this Outlaw zone, where we don't tell our own Outlaws what they should like or not like. And as a woman and the co-founder of this little enterprise, no one is going to tell me I can't smell like campfire and clove first thing in the morning.

Tell us! Which scent is YOUR favorite?

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