Outlaw's Garage handmade pumice soap for mechanics

Sure, our newest handmade soap, Outlaw's Garage, smells like gasoline, motor oil, and exhaust, but is it only for mechanics?

And sure, Outlaw's Garage is full of gritty natural pumice so it cuts through grease and paint with ease, but can anyone use it?

ABSOLUTELY, my Outlaw friends!

Outlaw's Garage was made for any Outlaw who finds themselves at the intersection of elbow grease and actual grease: The juncture of life where grime seems impossible to resolve without major solvents.

We're here for those times.

And yes, 100% Outlaw's Garage is too gritty for full-body use. We know it. We've advised you about it. And somehow we still hear that you want to smell like Outlaw's Garage in the shower... so we're reducing the grit slightly, so it's not literally sharp on your personal areas... just uncomfortable. We still don't advise it, but we know it's pointless to tell you what to do, so we're making the product around what we've heard you already're doing.

It's how we roll.

And for those of you who are SOOOOO in love with the scent that you want to smell like it ALL THE TIME, you'll be happy to know we're releasing a cologne of Outlaw's Garage in May or June.

And for those of you who are subscribed to our soap of the month subscription box, we'll be including the Outlaw's Garage in February's box.

Haven't tried Outlaw's Garage yet? Grab a bar here: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/handmade-western-inspired-soap/products/outlaws-garage-handmade-soap

Or you can get it as a sample size in our Handmade Soap Samples: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/sample-the-outlaw-goods/products/handmade-soap-sample-set-8-pack-of-our-best-sellers

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