Lust in the Dust natural body wash by Outlaw

We sometimes get questions about whether Outlaw is for men or women, and, call us modern, but we believe that anyone can smell like campfire at dusk, like warm leather, and like a fine bourbon.

Outlaw's made for everyone, plain and simple.

Sure, we have some more traditional scents like Home on the Range (fresh cut grass, fresh laundry, and ripe blackberries) and Calamity Jane (clove, orange, cinnamon, and whiskey), but again, we don't consider those particularly one gender or another, they're just more traditional.

What we're really going for here -- and we hope you'll agree -- is that everyone can smell amazing. We want you to find the scent that sings to your soul and becomes the scent soundtrack you're known for, no matter what that scent is.

You keep on bein' you.


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