Western scented natural body wash by Outlaw


This week, Sue (our intrepid Wholesale Sales Manager, Alias: The Hook-up) and I are descending on Denver for the Western & English Sales Association (WESA) trade show, where we'll be cowboying* around with all the Western shop enthusiasts from the West Coast (and general Western area).

We LOVE Denver (in fact, it was our #2 choice of places to relocate Outlaw, but Sparks was closer), and we LOVE Western trade shows (we had a blast at Dallas Western Market last year) so this is a highly anticipated trip.

We're always looking for places to peddle our snake oil - er, high quality non-snake products, so if you know of anywhere we should contact, please ask for Outlaws (there's instructions on that link).


* My spell check tells me "cowboy" is not a verb, and "cowboying" is not a word, but I trust that you know what I mean.

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