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Spread the Outlaw Love! Our New Affiliate Program Earns You 10%

+ Your friend gets 10% off their first order

One of the coolest things about Outlaws (and there are A LOT OF COOL THINGS, believe me!) is your ENTHUSIASM and genuine LOVE of what we're doing here.

For years, we've heard of people telling friends and family about Outlaw. And while we've always been honored and delighted, the loyalty thing was kind of clunky (we're working on that) and we knew we had to find another program.

This all snapped into motion when Bryan, a long-time Outlaw, posted in our Facebook group. Just a few days before, I had joined another affiliate program (since I join anything that seems like it could be good for Outlaw, just to see how it works), and it seemed good enough to implement.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the application form (you'll be able to create your own coupon code in the form)
  2. We'll review the applications every Friday (or more often, if we think of it)
  3. You can use the Refersion website to manage your discount code, create affiliate links, get photos & banners (soon), etc

Some important rules:

  1. Don't post your affiliate code on coupon sites or apps.
  2. Don't post your affiliate code or links on our own posts (including ads).
  3. Don't spam groups or post your code or links on competitor pages (it may seem innocent, but they'll destroy us with the power of a 900 lb gorilla).

Some other important notes:

  1. Please do your best to post in the nature of what Outlaw stands for (no hating).
  2. If you'd like to be listed on a special affiliate page, there's a question on the application! We want to support your success!
  3. If you really excel at this whole affiliate thing, we're going to ask you to help us with how the program runs, and what incentives could be more helpful (cards? special t-shirts?).

If you want to share your thoughts about the program, please just email us. We're all ears!

Here's the program link: https://outlaw.refersion.com/affiliate/registration


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