Support Your Own Troop! Outlaw Has the Perfect Gift for the Serviceman or Servicewoman in Your Life

The Active Duty Care Package (With a 20% military discount built right in!)

Our hat is off to anyone who sacrifices for this country, and there are few who sacrifice as much as our men and women in the military.  But since military life is full of structure and discipline, we figured we’d put together this special care package to give your favorite service-someone a chance to walk on the wild side. 

Heck, you follow orders and still have a little Outlaw in you.  

The Active Duty Care Package is a big fragrant box of badassery, packed with the aroma of leather and whiskey and smoke and all the other wild ’n’ wooly frontier scents that give our soaps that special kick.  We guarantee they’ll love it!

Every set includes:

•    Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne
•    Blazing Saddles Body Wash
•    Fire in the Hole Campfire Handmade Soap
•    Wild Life Western Soap Set
•    Calamity Jane Lotion
•    5-Pack Solid Cologne Sample Set (for sharing!)
•    A "Wake Up, KickAss, Repeat" Mug

The 20% military discount is already included in the price.

And here’s a tip for you: ORDER IT NOW!  Overseas shipping delays are a common thing these days, unfortunately, so don’t risk it being late.

We’ll say it again: ORDER NOW!

PLEASE NOTE - There’s so much good stuff in here, we can’t wrap each of them up all nice and pretty like in the picture on the site.  Just tell ‘em to close their eyes when they open the box.  Tell ‘em that order comes from the top!

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