The best darn cologne ever
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Memory lane!
“This scent turned my husband into a magnet; I had to keep sniffing him! Instantly upon smelling Blazing Saddles I knew I had smelled this scent previously, and it was in my grandparents' home! My grandpa was a gun collector and also made his own bullets, and I am talking the 1960s here. I journeyed back in time to my childhood. This scent is so awesome! I even sprayed the cologne on my curtains in various rooms to keep it lingering!! It has a wonderful longevity when my husband wears it. And on fabric, it lingers in the house, being able to smell it when I walk inside the front door!” - Jocelyn L.

Question: What smells like the rugged romance of fine leather, the explosive thrill of gunpowder, the wild freedom of sagebrush, and the roguish charm of sandalwood all rolled into one?

Answer: YOU! After you spritz a little of our Blazing Saddles spray cologne onto your well-deserving hide.

Blazing Saddles Cologne is our best-selling spray cologne. It’s the scent soundtrack of your inner cowboy, cowgirl, or otherwise-nondenominational badass. And while most of us don’t actually ride the wide-open range these days — commuting via Google Maps is the more recent style — there’s no reason you can’t smell like the sexy Outlaw you feel like on the inside.

In fact, we’ve formulated it to be the sexiest cologne ever.*

* This claim has not been verified by science, but it has been verified by legions of sweethearts throughout the nation.

The scent lasts a long time, and so does the bottle. 3.3 oz will get you between 6 - 8 months depending on how much you use each time you spray. It’s also lovingly made with natural ingredients and no animal testing. So buy yourself a bottle today, and let everyone smell that cowboy!

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Rave reviews for Blazing Saddles Cologne

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Blazing saddles, my new smell.
“I will probably be buying one bottle of blazing saddles cologne every year for the rest of my life. Most colognes I would wear so that I would smell a certain way for other people, I wear blazing saddles just for me because I want to smell that way. Such a unique blend, it captures my personality perfectly.” - Randall G.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Outstanding and unique.
"Can’t say enough good things about this scent. It’s like paging through a leatherbound book while waiting for a haircut in an 1850s frontier barbershop. Leather, old paper, shaving cream, matching revolvers, wood-handled tools, dry earth.I also have the solid version. They are not the exactly the same, but they complement each other perfectly with the shared base note of sandalwood firmly anchoring both. The leather in the spray is lusher and more forward, while there is a slightly medicinal note in the solid that is more prominent. Can’t go wrong with either. In fact, get both." - Wyoming

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