Happy Birthday to Outlaw

The date was March 15, 2013.

8 years ago.

Outlaw Soaps became A Thing.

Before that, it was not a thing. It was a no-thing. It was nothing.

It was some random conversations between a new married couple (that's us: Russ and Danielle) and their friends.

Just some conversations.

And then, with just under $18 in start-up costs... Outlaw Soaps went live on the internet. BAM.

Unicorn Poop sold out first. Yes, you read that right: Unicorn Poop Soap.

We had many different kinds of soap over the years... Bacon Soap (that looked and smelled like real bacon!), Coffee Soap, True Grit Pumice Soap, and lots of other stuff. If we could make it, we tried it.

If it failed, we cut it right away. No tears.

If it succeeded, we figured how big it could be, and kept it until it got popular, or let it live out its natural lifecycle until the sales could no longer justify the production.

If it got REALLY popular, we started making it in other products. Just a little at first. Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne. It was small. We weren't even sure what solid cologne was. But now it's one of our most popular products.

We're much more than handmade soap these days... SO much more than soap.

Handmade soap only makes up 13% of our total sales. Solid cologne, body wash, and spray cologne also are super popular.

So we got the trademark for "Outlaw" in personal care. It only made sense... we're Outlaws in so many ways, from our products to our ethical production to our charity work to our outstanding customers, we are proud of the Outlaw name.

It has been a wild ride for these 8 years, and I am grateful for every person who has been part of growing this amazing little company.

Thank you, and I hope we can continue to serve Outlaws worldwide for years to come.


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