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MARCH’S CHARITY OF THE MONTH: The Other Ones Foundation

An Outlaw in need, is an Outlaw indeed.


At Outlaw, we watch out for everyone. When we heard Outlaws needed soap in Texas, we knew we had to do something. We teamed up with The Other Ones Foundation to supply 1,000 bars of soap for their Box of Rain Project.


Box of Rain is a Mobile Hygiene Clinic (MHC) consisting of a fleet of shower trailers that deliver essential services directly to Austin’s homeless population. Conceived as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, MHC promotes social distancing and reduces travel in the homeless community by delivering services outdoors and to many locations throughout the city.


The Other Ones Foundation"We are so excited to partner with Outlaw Soaps to offer people experiencing homelessness safe and dignified access to shower facilities in Austin, Texas,” said Max Moscoe, Community Engagement Coordinator for The Other Ones Foundation. “Their generous donation of 1,000 bars of soap will allow us to provide 1,000 individuals with the opportunity to look good, feel good, and be healthy!"


We're dedicated to serving you awesome-smelling products that are safe and well-made. We believe no matter what kind of Outlaw you are in life, you should smell your best doing it.


Our products are ethically-manufactured in the U.S. We continually work to reduce iour ecological footprint, pioneering aluminum bottles in personal care instead of plastic.


For more information, visit our homepage https://liveoutlaw.com.

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