Outlawtoberfest 2023: A Journey Through Scents and Cities

Imagine, if you will, a journey where every stop is an iconic city, and every city has a scent that tells its story. Welcome to Outlawtoberfest, a celebration that doesn't just span a month but takes you on a sensory voyage through the heart and soul of America.

Picture yourself, saddle-bound, with the wind in your hair, riding from one legendary city to another, each bringing with it a fragrance that captures its spirit, its legends, its heartbeat.

From the vibrant pulse of 🎵 Nashville, with the sultry notes of "The Gambler", to the fiery zest of 🔥 Sparks encapsulated in "Fire in the Hole", Outlawtoberfest is not just a tour; it's a tapestry of tales, traditions, and tantalizing scents. 🌆 Each city on our roster, from the tranquility of 🏞️ Sioux Falls with "The Badlands" scent to the high-energy rush of 🌴 Los Angeles embodied in "Lust in the Dust", represents a chapter in this grand ol' story of America.

Here are our "tour" dates & associated scents

🎵 (last week) Nashville, TN - October 4th for our scent, The Gambler, which smells like bourbon, tobacco, and leather 🎸

🏛️ (Monday) St. Louis, MO - October 9th for our scent, Calamity Jane, which smells like clove, orange, cinnamon, and whiskey 🌼

🌵 (Wednesday) Austin, TX - October 11th for our scent, Blazing Saddles, which smells like leather, gunpowder, and sagebrush 🐎

🏍️ Sturgis, SD - October 14th for our scent, Rugged Rider, which smells like leather, gasoline, and musk 🏍️

🏞️ Sioux Falls, SD - October 16th for our scent, The Badlands, which smells like campfire embers and cedar 🌄

🏡 Cheyenne, WY - October 18th for our scent, Home on the Range, which smells like clean laundry, ripe blackberries, and fresh cut grass 🏡

🏔️ Seattle, WA - October 21st for our scent, Life on the Mountain, which smells like the forests of the Cascades 🏔️

🔥 Sparks, NV (our hometown) - October 23rd for our scent, Fire in the Hole, which smells like campfire, gunpowder, and whiskey 🎇

🌴 Los Angeles, CA - October 25th for our scent, Lust in the Dust, which smells like sagebrush and sandalwood 🌴

Outlawtoberfest is packed with more than just scents. We’re talking about a wild lineup of exclusive merchandise, surprises, and memories waiting to be made. So, whether you're dancing to a tune, reminiscing about a past visit to one of our iconic cities, or simply letting a scent transport you to a far-off place, know that this fest has something for every Outlaw out there.

While we’d give anything to physically tour these cities, bringing each of our scents to life in its home turf, we've crafted an experience that's the next best thing. Each stop on this virtual journey is designed to be immersive, evocative, and a celebration of the Outlaw spirit. From the moment "The Gambler" rolls out on October 4th, right through to the closing chords of our grand tour, you're in for a ride that's as unforgettable as the tales of the Wild West.

So, Outlaws, get ready to embark on a month-long celebration like no other. Outlawtoberfest is here, and it promises a blend of adventure, nostalgia, and pure, unadulterated joy. Here's to the open road, the stories waiting to be told, and the scents that bind us all!

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