A St. Louis Soiree with Calamity Jane!

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Wandering its historic boulevards feels like a heartwarming reunion. The friendly folks here don’t just pass you by; they greet you, share stories, and remind you of the community’s close-knit bond. That’s the charm of St. Louis – a bustling metropolis with the heart of a hometown.

Did ya know that the audacious, whiskey-loving Calamity Jane hailed from Missouri? That’s right! Even more so, she embodied that Missourian spirit: fierce, independent, but with a heart as big as the mighty Mississippi that winds its way past the city's doorsteps.

Our Calamity Jane scent, with its captivating notes of clove, orange, cinnamon, and a touch of whiskey, mirrors the city's essence. Both the city and the scent share a story. They're bold, they're memorable, and they have that undeniable charm that draws you in, time and time again.

St. Louis, with its rich history and vibrant present, and our Calamity Jane, with its sweet undertones and wild spirit, are testaments to the beauty of embracing one’s roots while always looking forward.

So if you’ve ever felt the urge to experience a place where history meets the present, where the river sings tales of old, and where you can truly embrace the freedom to be yourself, St. Louis beckons. And with our Calamity Jane collection, you can carry a piece of that spirit with you, wherever y’all go.

Here's to the splendor of the river city, to the legends birthed under the Missouri skies, and to all of you Outlaws charting your own paths. Remember, in St. Louis, the heart of the Midwest, y’all are always part of the story.

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