TASTE the adventure with Outlaw's Lip Balm sale!

Brace yourselves for some jaw-dropping (or rather, LIP SMACKIN') good news – our Outlaw Lip Balms are now available at an astounding discount of over 70% for single balms and over 75% for a tantalizing five-pack.

That's right, we're practically giving away these lip balms, ensuring you can keep your pockets happy and those lips moisturized!

We understand that ordinary lip balms just can't match the wild spirit and unrivaled delight that Outlaw Lip Balms deliver. That's why we've crafted our lip balms with sensational scents that mirror your favorite drinks (well, if they're one of these 5 at least!).

We're talkin' flavors that'll make your taste buds do the happy dance:

OR, grab our 5-pack (which if we're talking DEALZ, is the best out of the bunch) and sample all of 'em:

So, my adventurous friends, it's time to seize this golden opportunity and pamper those lips!


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Janet Norgord

Would love a mint or peppermint lip balm