Outlawtoberfest Takes On AUSTIN!

Celebrate our "stop" in Austin with our AWESOME merch and with 10% off all Blazing Saddles products!

Our next tour stop for Outlawtoberfest takes us RIGHT into the heart of Austin, where Texas’s rich heritage meets a vibrant, modern beat. This city is where tradition and innovation dance together, and let me tell y’all, it's an experience like no other.

Austin isn’t just Texas’s capital; it's a haven for food enthusiasts. From authentic barbecue joints where flavors meld perfectly, to diverse food trucks dishing out world cuisines - every bite tells a story.

But it doesn't stop there. Music is the city’s heartbeat. Austin’s live music scene is unparalleled, with intimate venues and renowned festivals offering tunes that resonate with souls from all walks of life.

And then there's that unique Austin twist: its celebrated weirdness! "Keep Austin Weird" isn't just a slogan; it's an ethos. The city thrives on creativity, from eclectic art displays to unique local ventures, emphasizing the value of being distinct.

When we envisioned our Blazing Saddles scent, we thought of boldness, character, and an essence that lingers. And if you’ve ever been to Austin, you'll know the city embodies that same spirit, with a touch of the unexpected. It’s a place where you can be uniquely yourself - no matter how unconventional and eccentric that self is!

So, next time you choose Blazing Saddles, with its compelling notes of leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush, let it remind you of Austin's dynamic streets, where every corner holds a surprise.

And check out our awesome merch tee that Austin pride! Whether you're in Austin or dancin' around the living room, keep that spirit alive!

To all of y’all Outlaws: Stay genuine, embrace the unique, and remember, in Austin, every day promises something new and exciting!

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