"It's just delicious-smelling, mild but with personality." - A customer note about Fire in the Hole Solid Cologne

Editor's note: We periodically get notes from customers who love our products. I have decided to publish them in our blog under the byline "voice of the customer." If you've got something to share, please contact us and send it over!

"Where has this been all my life!" -- one of your quotes about solid cologne. ... This cologne, man. Truly, truly the best. The smell is so warm but manly af. And the price is way, way right. And you can fit it in your pocket and it evokes maybe a small tin of chewing tobacco.

And here's the thing. It's mysteriously calibrated that you just can't overdose. It's NOT gross, suffusive, captive-Uber cologne. It's just delicious-smelling, mild but with personality. And you can apply it however many times a day or night, because you're just dabbing a bit of moist wax and then shutting the tin and putting it back in your pocket.

Because ... confession. I'm a bit of a fancy-man, and YEARS ago I found an exquisite fragrance: Gucci Pour Homme Deux. Cost me maybe $55. And ... it sits there on my shelf, maybe 3% used, rebuking me. It's in a jewelry-box-like gorgeous thick piece of standing cut glass. It's intimidating, like I'm breaking into a jewelry store to come near it. And you're SPRAYING something at yourself just the one time a night before you go out, and you want enough for it to last, but you know damn well that too much makes you look like a douche bag, so you go easy and no one can smell it, or you apply it and it's too strong. And I'm talking about a NICE scent. But no, it's too intimidating and cold and glass and ... you SPRAY it at yourself, and no WAY do you feel comfortable that you can control and modulate that spray.

But Outlaw hard cologne is SO pocket-friendly, SO inexpensive, SO cheerfully/hilariously supported with cowboy goofery, and SO impossible to overdoes, and SO easy to non-douche-ily apply mid-party or in an Uber before you get there, that ... trust me, you'll actually USE the stuff. My scent is Fire in the Hole, and it's just a hoot. So perfect. Smells like me getting all the hugs and all the smiles. Get a can. It's easy as bubble gum, I promise you

- Robert B, Los Angeles


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