| by Danielle Vincent

Pre-Orders are now A Thing: Calling "dibs" on Outlaws

Certain products, like our Fire in the Hole Campfire Handmade Soap, are so hot that we can't keep 'em in stock. Since we're having some shortages, and soap takes 30 days to cure, we thought it would be ok if we allowed people to place dibs on the soaps on the racks.

We're not totally sure how it's going to work out yet, so we're just doing it on our (very popular) Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap. But, you know, we're willing to try anything in our ever-enduring quest to bring soap to our favorite Outlaws (that's you)!

We figured rather than forcing you to take your chances with in-stock notifications (which we've heard work great, but sometimes the products are sold out pretty much as soon as they are back in stock!), you might like to be secure in your reservation!

What do you think of pre-orders?


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