We're No Stinkin' Outlaws — testimonials

| Voice of the Customer

"It's just delicious-smelling, mild but with personality." - A customer note about Fire in the Hole Solid Cologne

Editor's note: We periodically get notes from customers who love our products. I have decided to publish them in our blog under the byline "voice of the customer." If you've got something to share, please contact us and send it over! "Where has this been all my life!" -- one...

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| Danielle Vincent

We need your help (it's easy, I swear)

We want potential customers to know that getting a box from Outlaw Soaps is a delightful experience even beyond the items specifically ordered. We want them to know that we have relationships with our customers (but not creepy relationships), and that by buying from us, they're not only getting a high quality product, but supporting a small, American handmade business. And we can type marketing messages until our fingers bleed, but customers believe real testimonials. So please give us a hand and let us know about your experience with Outlaw Soaps. We'll be compiling selected responses into a page or two, and may use them in marketing.

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