Tell it to us straight: Our new reviews feature will follow-up for your thoughts

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Straight out of the Wild West!

This was my first purchase from Outlaw Soaps. Let me tell ya, I was blown away from the sent. It smells just as it describes! It also reminds me back in the day stacking square bales in the barn, the alfalfa and leather gloves. I enjoyed it so much I’ve tried every product of the Blazing saddles line. It’s good quality stuff. I’m amazed how they all smell the same. No difference between them. It comes in a nice little package and it comes fast. If you want to smell like you just cane straight from the Wild West, this is for you!! Thanks Outlaw Soaps! Wonderful products! - Jared K.

Ever since Day 1 of Outlaw, we knew our customers would give us the straight talk about our products. It's the only way we'll get to be the best darn soap (and now other things) company in the West!

A few months ago, we launched a new version of our site and dragged along our old review service with us... but the developer had a recommendation: Why not try reviews? I wasn't sure... reviews are arguably one of the most important features of our site (I mean, people are buying scents online... it's an outstandingly complex sales proposition), so anything that might compromise our reviews wasn't even worth considering.

But yesterday, I checked it out, and within a few hours (and a few emergency "omg I broke it!" chats with the review team), we had a brand new review platform up and running! Just like that! [snap noise]

And not only do these reviews offer the standard stuff like stars and text, you can even upload a photo and/or a video! YES!!!

Side note: Initially I was worried that the nature of our product might lead to some... "action" shots. Because, you know... but I trust you to be prudent about your posting.

As you're looking through our site, you might notice that our customers are some of the most brilliant, insightful, interesting, well-spoken, and downright poetic folks we've ever met.

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort that you put into your review, which is why we ask you for one review each time you order. We know you don't have time to write us a book, and we'd rather one really stellar review than several one-liners (though don't get me wrong: we STILL LOVE THE ONE-LINERS... all reviews are God's children in my eyes).

Thanks for being so awesome and helping us build this little business!

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