Rugged Rider leather, sandalwood, and musk cologne for men and women

It's the month we've all been waiting for! It's the month for Rugged Rider!

The bold, alluring, and adventurous scent of leather, sandalwood, and musk is going to make you feel all hot and unbothered (because you're an Outlaw, so you live in the "hot" realm pretty much all the time, right?).

We sent a newsletter and text this morning (since people who're subscribed get the first notice), so the Rugged Rider Cologne is nearly out of stock (down to the last 65 or so bottles). If you'd like to grab a bottle before they sell out, I recommend fast action.

And if you want to try the cologne with a companion handmade soap, we're introducing a wonderful new Scent of the Month Scent Soundtrack Subscription (technically, it launches this Saturday, but you know what a fan of early launches I am!).

Of course, Rugged Rider's in our Outlaw Soap of the Month Subscription (along with Lust in the Dust).

And for those of you who are fans of our delightfully sudsy badass body wash, you'll definitely want the Badass Body Wash Subscription

Get your Rugged Rider

And yes, when we decided to make Rugged Rider the March scent of the month, I imagined it would be time for "weather conducive to motorcycle riding," at least in some parts of the country... but I'm writing this from behind 5' of snow.

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Aaron Tucker

Hi! So, when are you going to release the new 4 pack cologne sampler? I’m considering getting it. Thanks