Outlaw's Soap and Cologne Subscription Box

THE RUGGED RIDER is absolutely 🔥!

Rugged Rider, in case you're new to this Outlaw thing, is the scent of leather, sandalwood, and musk (it's so hot!). It's March's scent-of-the-month, and a daring scent at that!

New: Soap & Cologne Subscription Box

Because we know you love our scent experiments (and hate it when some of them sell out so fast), we're downright delighted to bring you the Scent Soundtrack Subscription.

This subscription, which combines the scent-of-the-month in a 15 ml cologne and a handmade, natural soap, is a great way to ensure you get the limited scents.

Your first subscription ships in a few days, and then, after that, it'll ship out on the 15th of every month (you'll get a reminder, so you can add or change your subscription if you'd like).

And, for a limited time, you can order the Scent Soundtrack Subscription as a ONE-TIME PURCHASE (since it's so new and we're so proud).

Subscribe to the Scent Soundtrack Subscription now!

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Randall Gene Nuttle

Great products. The subscription service is broken. Multiple billings for the same product and the product never arrives.

Sam Zane

Good afternoon do you sale wholesale to gift shops thank you Sam Zane