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    Scent Soundtrack Subscription - The Scent of the Month in both Cologne and Handmade Soap OR Body Wash

    The perfect way to experience Outlaw's scents of the month (and a great gift, too)

    Scent Soundtrack Subscription - The Scent of the Month in both Cologne and Handmade Soap OR Body Wash

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    After your first order, your remaining orders will ship on the 15th of every month (until you cancel).


    Ready to embark on a journey of olfactory adventure? HECK YEAH you are!

    Experience never before seen (or smelled) scents with our newest Scent Soundtrack Subscription! With our rotation of scents each month, you'll be able to explore new aromas to tantalize your senses. It's like music to your nose!

    These soap scents are typically exclusive to our 2-Bar Soap of the Month Subscription and our Badass Body Wash Subscription Box, so if you're a cologne enjoyer, you can have both!

    SHIPPING NOW: Salt & Sea



    Your first order will arrive in a few days, complete with one bar of handmade soap (or body wash if you prefer) and a matching cologne of the month (15 ml size)!

    Your Outlaw Ever After

    Every month after that (on the 15th of the month), you'll get one of Outlaw's world-famous, natural soaps (or body wash) and a bottle of cologne in Outlaw's scent of the month!

    You can skip, change, or cancel your subscription whenever you want (just go to your subscription page), so if you're anxious about commitment, don't worry, so are we (it's kind of an Outlaw thing).


    July 2024: Salt & Sea

    Ocean spray in your face, sea salt and sun-warmed into the air, the dance of the breeze carries suntan oil, and the soft hum of sand underfoot. Each wave, a splash of cold, is an invigorating escape from the relentless heat of the day.

    Note: Once your subscription has shipped, we can't stop your shipment or take refunds. Please let us know in advance of your shipment on the 15th if you'd like to cancel.

    What does this kind of outlaw smell like?

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    A wild adventure, and we are all eager for you to EMBARK!

    How to use

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    Sit back and relax in the knowledge that you're the smartest hombre on your block. All these Outlaw goods make their way to you automagically. A fricken' miracle!


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    Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Citric Acid, Fragrance

    Shipping & Returns

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    Most orders ship within a few business days and arrive within 5 business days. Situations outside of our control sometimes interfere, but we do our absolute best.

    If you don't love what you ordered, please reach out to us and we'll either replace your product for free, or we'll give you a refund. If your items cost more than $100, we will issue a return label.

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    Who are the Outlaws?

    We're Danielle & Russ Vincent, and we started Outlaw because we wanted to make a different kind of company.

    We believe that good value doesn't mean cheaper, it means better quality, longer lasting, and more enjoyable to use.

    We believe that good business practices don't have to be at odds with good social practices.

    We believe that people do better when they feel better, and that good scents make people feel better.

    We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. We lift up other businesses every opportunity we get.

    We believe that kindness costs nothing, but is worth more than gold.

    We believe in the goodness of dogs.

    not sure what to get?

    Wipe that sweat from your brow, my friend, because this is a NO SWEAT zone!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 661 reviews
    Meggan K. (Morley, US)
    Scent of the Month

    I recieved Summer Sunshine for this month. It smells so good! Definitely in my top 5 scents from Outlaw.

    Ami K. (Phoenix, US)
    My favorite product 🤠

    I love the soaps! They're my fav. I hate to run out of Outlaw soaps. Of course I'd hate to not have any soap, but I get downright cranky when I don't have any Outlaw soaps on hand. And because I can be forgetful, I subscribe. Winner-winner, chicken dinner. 🐓

    david m. (New Britain, US)
    Only makes scents to buy this soap

    I enjoy every scent that comes from this exceptional place!

    KATE L. (Atlanta, US)
    A fun way to try new scents monthly!

    I enjoy the scent soundtrack. I love having new scents to try out. I wish that the cologne was available in a solid cologne option. I order all the colognes in solid as I don't like scented sprays. I would even be willing to pay extra for this to be an option.

    heather b. (Providence, US)
    I just can’t get enough

    I’ve subscribed to the Soap of the Month for a few years now and I have never been disappointed! The scents are so unique, my husband and I are obsessed. I’ve turned several friends on to them as well!

    Duane C. (Charlotte, US)
    Simply the Best

    Live the Outlaw life and smell doggone good doing it! Mr Russell and Ms Danielle you are Awesome! Live and love the Outlaw way.

    Faith K. (Hancock, US)

    First off, I am not a 'subscription' kind of gal, I never have one with any of my products. Except for Outlaw Soap. I'm a touring musician and running out of Outlaw on the road or when I get home is a deal breaker for me. My, now fiance, told me about the soap when we first met and upon moving in together, we needed more. All other soap is inferior. The smell actually lasts all day, and cleans your skin without drying it out! We have even started using it on our hair instead of shampoo and that even works brilliantly! I love the creativity behind the soap and the art of the swirl within it. The cologne is also great, and I HATE perfumes! This doesn't have that crap ass fragrance smell that makes the whole house smell like a Axe fresh teenage boy, these smells bring you somewhere. They take nature with you whereever you go. I'm an Outlaw girl and I don't plan on going anywhere! Maybe except a tour to Nevada to meet the artists who have been keeping us fresh for over two years now! Thank y'all!!

    Judge.me YouTube video placeholder


    Do you love the smokey smell of campfire? How about the pungent scent of an aged whiskey? How about the peppery musk of gunpowder? Well, if you said hell yes to any of these three scents, then you need to look into the men’s care products made by Outlaw.