Is your dad an Outlaw? Don’t buy him a tie. Here's our Father's Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day is tough. Sure, in days gone by you could buy dad a necktie, or maybe a pipe, or maybe a pair of silk slippers. But not today.

And not for your dad. Your dad deserves something special!

How do we know? Well, he put up with you when you were a kid, and you’re a rambunctious so-and-so, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Whether your dad works in the great outdoors or is just a cowboy on the inside, Outlaw Soaps has your Father’s Day gift covered. (And we’ve also got the gift wrap to cover it.)

Here are some Outlaw gift suggestions to make any kind of badass Dad happy.

the wild life western soap set

For the Urban, Surburban, or Real-Live Cow-Dad: Wild Life Western Soap Set

“Makes a guy want to wear a six shooter on his hip to work. The scent was epic to say the least. I must say ‘Hair of the dog’ might be my favorite of the three. It’s got a smooth but rugged scent… I will be buying more!!!” -Timothy F.

Maybe your dad rides a horse. Maybe rides a power mower like he’s goin’ after a gang of bandits. Maybe he just plays “Red Dead Redemption 2” every night and watches old Clint Eastwood movies on weekends. No matter what dad he is, this set is for him.

The Wild Life Western Soap Set combines our three most wild-west scents into one gift box.

All three scents are bold, satisfying, and packed with the spirit of the wild west. Guaranteed to make the dirtiest cowboy smell finer than a Sunday morning. That’ll make your cowgirl mom very happy.

Or if you know your dad’s fragrance-of-choice, choose just one shop from our range of colognes, lotions and body wash:

Blazing Saddles

Fire in the Hole

Hair of the Dog

“Smells like everything I love about the great outdoors and being a guy. Unlike any others scents out there.” - Rich M.

Get The Wild Life Set

pacific crest trail natural handmade soap set father's day

For the Outdoorsy Dad: Pacific Crest Trail Set

“I took the opportunity to get the Pacific Crest Trail Adventure Soap… Both of these soaps show the exquisite craftsmanship I've come to expect from the Outlaw gang… Both of these soaps are awesome.. You'll never go wrong with any scent or product from Outlaw.”
- Jeremy G.

Does your dad long for the great outdoors? Does he love to hike mountain trails with the smell of pine on the breeze? Or drive dusky desert roads with the windows down and the smell of sagebrush blowing through? No matter what his escape, this set is sure to make Pops feel like he cleansed his soul in the wilderness.

The Pacific Crest Tail Set contains two soaps that capture the smell and spirit of the great outdoors.

They’re like taking a walk in the nature’s grand expanse, only in the shower where he won’t get blisters on his feet or bugs in his hair. And this set comes with a pine soap dish, perfect for keeping the soap out of those bathtub water hazards. One sniff is like a weekend in that remote cabin Dad always dreamed of.

Or shop by scent:

“This soap is now my favorite soap. The wife loves the smell and I can now get my 5 year old son to take a shower because he wants to be an outlaw like dad.”
- Bret L.

Get the Pacific Crest Trail Soap Set

whiskey subscription soap set

For the Dad Who Keeps on Giving: The Clean Getaway Subscription Box

Is the dad in your life always there for you? His he like a rough ’n' ready Dad Ranger who rides in when you need a helping hand? Then why not show him some Outlaw appreciation year round?

The Clean Getaway Subscription Box is the gift that keeps on giving. Every two months, the Pony Express rolls up with a delivery of Outlaw goodness to keep your dad smelling like an outlaw. Each box contains a selection based on one of our favorite soap scents — you pick it, or we do — lovingly rendered in our milled soap, body wash, body lotion, or solid cologne.

There are subscription boxes for every budget, and a fragrance for every personality. Hey, even if you’re not there to say “I love you” every day, at least he’ll know every time he smells the woodsy, smoky, whisky-lovin’, leather-wearing Outlaw life that comes in every box.

“Purchased this set for my husband. He couldn't stop raving about the products. I could not remember the scent(s) he liked so I opted for the ‘you pick’ for me option. He was thrilled! I love that the products are natural, he loves that he doesn't smell girly, definitely a win-win… Double bonus that this is a USA based small business. We are both highly satisfied.”
- Diana G

Get the Clean Getaway Subscription Box (multiple scents are available, or we can choose)


  • Get Dad something to fit his personality. (Reminder: Your dad doesn't want the same thing every other dad is getting.)
  • Remember, Dad doesn’t care about the present, he cares about you, and that you cared enough to get him something you think he’ll love.
  • No ties. No pipes. No slippers. There's a world of variety, and it's the spice of life.


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