KN95 Masks: Free for front-line workers

We are so grateful to have such amazing customers! Whether you're a front-line worker or a helpful citizen, we have been consistently impressed with the amazingness of our Outlaw gang.

When we found some available KN95 masks we could buy, my first thought was, "Oh man, I don't know what we'll do with these, but I should get some." And then later that day, my friend Angela wrote with an offer to make some bandana masks (stylish! practical! thorough!), and I thought "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Because of the delays of customs, we just finally got these masks in last week, and now we are ready to get them to YOU.

We're trying a new experiment... and so we hope you'll be honest and take what you need.

How this works is pretty basic: If you've placed an order with us and you've used our VerifyPass discount, you should be able to use the discount codes listed on the Mask page, and you'll get the mask(s) for free. (You'll have to pay for shipping, but they're very light).

Thanks for being super awesome!

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