Calamity Jane natural solid cologne by Outlaw
Danielle as Calamity Jane

Russ and I got to know Calamity Jane through Deadwood (the show) and we were so inspired by her absurd antics, balanced with genuine care for others.


Why Calamity Jane?

We were really into Deadwood.

No, I mean we were REALLY into Deadwood.

And of all the characters in Deadwood, our favorite was the foul-mouthed, forward-feeling, sick-tending, loyal-to-the-ending Calamity Jane.

Jack Crawford wrote, "She was simply a notorious character, dissolute and devilish, but possessed a generous streak which made her popular."

So when we were thinking of this company, and of the legends we pay tribute to, we knew we had to dedicate a special place in our collection to Calamity Jane.

"If a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one." - Calamity Jane

Maybe my favorite quote of all time, from the mouth of a whiskey-soaked, leather-clad, foul-mouthed ruffian. It's fitting.

And that's the inspiration behind Outlaw's Calamity Jane

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Was standing in church last Sunday and one of the young ladies came up and gave a welcome hug and then backed off about 6 ft .She stood there and had a look on her face like what the heck is going on.I asked what’s wrong?She said I smell cinnamon where’s it coming from? I said stand a little closer, welcome to clamity jane.She LOVED the scent,said it was nice to smell something different.