Rugged Rider Cologne for men and women smells like leather, sandalwood, and musk

Last weekend, we had a super secret drop of our newest scent, Rugged Rider, in a sample 15 ml cologne... and it sold out HELLA fast.

Did you miss it?

Well, whatever your answer WAS, the new answer is, "You didn't miss it!"

We rallied and made some more bottles of this little magical wonder... Rugged Rider Cologne smells like sandalwood, leather, and musk. Sounds dangerously sexy? It is... trust me, it is.

Grab a sample bottle of Outlaw's Rugged Rider Cologne, while they last:

Starting March 1, the full-size 100 ml, limited edition, numbered bottles of Rugged Rider Cologne will be live... as will the Soap of the Month and Badass Body Wash Subscription.

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Willard Brickey Brickey

This ad says both that I can buy a 15 mL bottle now and that you can notify me when it’s available. Annoying.