Rugged Rider Sandalwood Musk Leather Cologne for men and women

March is the perfect time to dust off your ol' motorcycle gear, press your hands into your ancient leather gloves, and remind yourself why you should really get heated grips ("I can't feel my hands. My hands don't work." - my friend Arlette).

Because yeah, it's a little early to get back out on the road, but it's EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME to rekindle your love affair of your motorcycle (or someone else's motorcycle. Or someone who has a motorcycle... you get the picture).

Introducing Outlaw's new Rugged Rider scent! (it's March's scent of the month!)

This scent is designed for the adventurous and daring person who loves to explore the outdoors (preferably while wearing leather and going very fast). The Rugged Rider scent is a shockingly alluring (trust me, it's ... SHOCKINGLY ALLURING) blend of leather, sandalwood, and musk notes.

The Rugged Rider will be available in our Soap of the Month Subscription, Badass Body Wash Subscription, Cologne (sign up for stock notifications to be the first to know when it's in stock!), and perhaps some individual bars (depending on inventory).

It's one of our new experimental scents, so we can't wait to hear what you think (Arlette's a fan. She was the first tester.)

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Tony Kerr

Last month I had a mild stroke. While I was in the hospital, I insisted that my wife bring my Outlaw soap , so I could clean up good. The nurses loved the scent. Blazing Saddles. I use nothing but your siaps now. I have inlisted a bunch of my buddies to try them. Live It. Even my wife’s nurses love it when I come in smelling so good. They love Calamity Hane. I am really looking forward to your new scent Rough Rider. I was a bullride for 13 I can relate!! Lol. Keep on Outlawin’