Feedback about the new solid cologne formulations

rustic western solid cologne Feedback has been rolling in for the reformulated solid colognes, and we're happy to hear that it sounds like we have a solid (har har) success on our hands!

If you got one of our solid cologne reformulated testers, please let us know what you think, good and bad, in the comments! We're a very democratic company and want you to be happy!

Thank you!

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Andie Grace

I got Blazing Saddles and my nose seemed to detect it was slightly different from the soap fragrance, buuuuut I haven’t had that scent in a while so I might be misremembering. It wasn’t overpowering, which I liked; often I avoid scents because while I want them to last, I don’t like the initial blast of too-much. This worked on that front and was nicely subtle all day, as if I’d used scented lotion instead of cologne. Thanks for letting me try it!


I got Fire in the Hole and three scent was almost as expected but I think could have used a little more something subtly sweet to compliment the fire scent. Not girly or overpowering, just barely a subtle one. The scent also did not last long, maybe only an hour or two then no one could smell it on my wrist any longer before I had to reapply. I did absolutely love the feel of it though. Not greasy on my skin and I didn’t have to worry about it greasing up my clothes. I have no worries about wearing it any place my clothes might touch and getting ruined.

Jason Fincanon

I got The Gambler and immediately noticed the scent was a little stronger than the current formula when I opened and first applied it. I didn’t notice a difference in how long it lasted at first but then I realized I was actually still catching light smells of it later in the day. It would be great if it stayed a little stronger just a little longer but overall it seems improved to me. Thanks for letting us test it out for you.

Oh, almost forgot… the new formula didn’t melt my skin off or anything either. I appreciate that. Good job!

Jonathan Guinn

I got the gambler. Texture seemed smoother which was great. At first I thought it didn’t last as long, but then I had to rethink that after a couple of uses. As always two thumbs up.

Rachel Brown

This is amazing! I got Blazing Saddles and I’m not going to lie…I feel like John Wayne everytime I wear it. The scent lasts much longer. Awesome!